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Lately I find myself wanting to write up blog entries, but what's been stopping me is that I feel that blogging (at least through lj) is more of a community thing than it is a personal soap box. ..and while I don't claim to read every single detail of every entry that people on the flist write, I do feel the need to keep up with it and at least quickly browse through it. It's not that I think that everyone who links to each other or comment in each others journals must be chummy friends or anything, but at the same time, there's a basic level of acknowledgment and interaction. I mean why else are these people on the flist if not because the things they're writing/or their online persona are of some interest to me. Even if the people on the flist aren't necessarily people I'd consider friends, I do feel a bit obligated to participate. And the more contact I've had with someone, the more I feel this way - and I think it happens naturally, when you interact with other folks, even if the interaction is limited and somewhat anonymous. Whether or not my perceptions mirrors reality, it's hard not to form an opinion/ideas about what people are like. And like in real life, you want people you like to like you.
It works the same way with RL friendships (except more so). Really, any kind of relationship demands some kind of obligation be it on your time or freedom, etc.

I think part of the reason I lurked for so long without a blog/journal when I first started reading blogs is because once you make your presence known, then you're subject to these kinds of expectations/feelings of obligation. It's perhaps simpler to lurk and try and treat the flist as just a reading list, but I think it's human nature to want to reach out and make a connection or even just to respond to or get a response for something that makes an impact on you.

Like the subject says, this is all probably me stating the obvious but I felt like writing it anyhow. I do enjoy reading through the lj list, and I wish it weren't so difficult to do it at work now (where cubicles have been abolished. Oh no!). Not sure what the future plan is (probably put off indefinitely while I waver about what to do), but I don't really want to pare down the list either. :/ *sigh* Why can't I have 36h/day to everyone else's 24h/day?
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ack. I'm not sure if I like this nudging thing. But I guess it lets me know how long it's been since I last updated and how horribly I've been neglecting lj. ^^;

So anyhow, the move went pretty well, and the drive was more fun than I expected. I haven't had much time to do anything online since though, mainly because my commute now totals 2 and a half hours a day. >_< ...this is vs the 5-10 minutes from before. It's totally worth it though, because the new company and neighborhood both rock. The whole public transportation thing though, still trying to get used to it. :/

Hobby-wise I haven't been watching anime at all, and even prior to moving, gaming had slowed to a trickle. So books it is again! ...especially since I'm doing so much commuting now. I've finally gotten around to reading all the Robin Hobb books, courtesy of [ profile] litl_iruka, or at least all the complete ones. I hear she has a new series out, but I probably wait until all of it is out first. I grabbed the rest of Monster, but I'm still a good 10 or so eps away from the end. Other than that I haven't really been following anything else.

On to the short but spoilery book blurbs! )

Other than that, I'm in love with my cable box. :P I've never had a cable box before, and this whole on Demand thing is the best thing since sliced bread. Now if only everything could be on Demand. (why yes, I have comcast) Oh and the tv here has asian channels <3 So far, noteworthy shows are the kdrama Full House, which luckily I caught just as it was starting and I think there are some fairly interesting jdoramas on the weekend, like Egao no Housoku(subbed), and Kiken na Aneki(unsubbed) - but I'm not able to catch them regularly enough. Thankfully Full House airs either Monday or Wednesday nights. :D

I'm not at all used to waiting patiently for my dramas to air though. I'd forgotten how painful it is. >_< It looks like they're pretty loosely based off the manga, but they still manage to capture the bickeriness between the two main characters just right. That and it's just hilarious and wacky enough to work for me. San Kye Kyo is just adorable and although I personally find Bi/Rain/etc kind of fugly, he's great at doing comedy. The gratuitous shots of him kind of crack me up too. ^^; The newly added "friends" of Ji-Eun are annoying though, and they make Ji-Eun look stupider.
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The first Gokusen drama is definitely a fun, fun series~ I remember thinking at first that Nakama Yukie was too pretty to be acting YanKumi, but she really fills the role wonderfully and you get over the fact that she's too pretty almost immediately. Major love for Jun-kun as Sawada Shin too. <3 He does wonderfully here. And it's kind of funny how different this role is from his usual tv personality. The role is different from Momo in Kimi wa Petto, but listening/reading folks on the jdorama or d-addicts boards would make you think he's like the best actor ever and he's really been stretched as an actor because his roles are so drastically different. In all honesty, I don't think the roles are all that different. Although Momo acts cutesy, both roles are essentially young teenaged boys who are good people underneath whatever mask they're wearing. I can't really explain it well, but I don't think the roles are so different so as to really strech an actor. Don't get me wrong, I love Jun-kun to bits. XD; And I do think he's a consistently good actor, but I'm not quite convinced that he's an excellent actor just yet.

Uh, ok, reel that inner irritation back in. :P I also adored Kuma. He's just adorable - how can you not like him? He's like this big teddy bear. :P I liked that he showed up in Gokusen 2, even if he's only there as a special "hey look! It's someone from the 1st series!" I'm really glad they had the special for the 1st series because it really wraps things up nicely.

Which brings me to why I actually didn't like Gokusen 2 very much. I think it probably had something to do with watching it immediately after the first series. They are too similar to marathon together. I ended up feeling like the 2nd series was a pale imitation of the first one. Not only are the students similar to the previous ones, the some of the storylines are the same too. :/ Couldn't they have put in a little more time/care and come up with some different stories?

That said, I did like (er, I forget all the characters names XD), the character acted by Koike Teppei - he's adorable! And his storylines were fresh/new and not recycled. BTW, did you all know he's part of WaT ... XD; what an accumulation of jpop eyecandy + Hayami Mokomichi. ^^;;; I also prefered Akanishi Jin's character to Kame's character but neither of them held a candle to MatsuJun's Sawada Shin who I think they were supposed to be replacing. The love interest for Yankumi this time around was also not as interesting as the cop guy from the series before and the new cop guy in the 2nd series is just downright annoying. I do love the way the second series ends though! SPOILER! (although not really much of one)
BTW, can someone teach me how to do the white on white spoiler hiding thing?

cut )

I had pretty low expectations for Nobuta wo Produce when I first started watching it, partially because of what the premise was (from various sites which gave little summary/blurbs), and partially because two of the 3 main characters are Johnny's Jrs - Kamenashi Kazuya (Kame) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). Neither of which had been terribly impressive in previous drama I'd seen them in. Ok, I admit that I've only seen each of them in one other drama, so maybe I hadn't given them a fair shot. Gokusen 2 for Kame and Stand Up!! for Yamapi (side note: Yamapi's character, KenKen is adorable! <3 )

BUT... I'm really glad I started watching it because it turned out to be just the kind of drama I really like, despite the seemingly shallow premise. Here's the one line non-spoilerish summary of the premise: Popular kid, Shuuji teams up with strange/eccentric/annoying kid Akira to make the dark and picked-on new transfer girl, Nobuko, into the most popular girl in the school. I highly recommend this drama if you like school-type dramas with just a tad more depth and meaning to them than your average school drama.

spoilery Nobuta talk about the ending )
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Well, it's been a while since I last updated. I haven't gone and actually checked, but it's at least 6 months ago? I been sporadically keeping up with the stalkee list. .__. But hey, here's the latest attempt to blog more and keep up with the list.

I used to read a lot when I was younger, but then as I got older other hobbies took over. You know, things like hkdrama, hkmovies, jdrama, anime, manga, video games, tv shows, etc. And for the last decade or so my rate of books read/year has been just pitiful. Think 5-6 books a year or at most 10, and they were mostly books bought for plane reading. But in just in these past couple months I've suddenly read more than triple the number of books I usually read per year. It's a really odd feeling.

Anyway, on to the list of books read, with short comments & horrifically over-simplified non-spoilerish "summaries"
books read )

List of future books to read
books to read )

And hey, if anyone wants to rec books to me, I'd be much obliged. :D I actually do try a lot of stuff based on what people on the flist have mentioned/said. It's almost kinda scary to see how much my interests can be tuned by lj despite how little I actually interact on here. It's helpful though, since I never have time to go out of my way to look up or try out new anime/games/etc anymore, so the flist is like the automatic 1st level filter. For most things anyway.
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Gakuen Alice ep 7 )

And here's a random link that's guaranteed to make your stomach turn. Yum~ Ice cream~ XO~ Well, some of them actually sound like they might be tasty, but some of them...
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Gacked from various people on the stalkee list.

The favorite anime character one: Here's a list of my favorite characters from various series, etc. Take a look at the ones you're familiar with see if you can see any patterns ...actually I'm more interested in seeing people post their own lists so I can see who their favorite characters are.
fav. characters list )

The seiyuu one
Read more... )

The christmas wishlist one, with my own personal twist:
the standard rules )
my additions and the actual list )
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Incoherence ahoy! - this is what happens when I keep putting off updating the lj and the pile of stuff I want to mention gets larger and larger.

Naisho has released ep3 of Gakuen Alice now. Go Get! I promise the storyline gets better and a bit darker as it progresses. So while it seems all fluff and cuteness (with a side helping of weird) now, the storyline should be picking up soon. So far the anime has kept to the spirit of the show even if there have been a number of differences between the manga and the anime in the later episodes. It worries me a bit how they're going to end it though, since there is a lot of stuff that is as of yet unresolved in the manga, and the a bunch of the loose threads/foreshadowing comes up early in the series, and has also been showing up in the anime.
real brief babbling about anime eps up to 6 in Gakuen Alice )

uh, not sure if you'll see this here, but questions about Gakuen Alice in one of the previous posts? Not sure if you've already had your questions answered somewhere else, but here's my attempt. Oh an here's another disclaimer - I don't really know japanese, and I can't translate, so there's bound to be mistakes, etc.
[ profile] amatsuki">

1. Why doesn't Noda sensei ever open his eyes? Who exactly is he anyway?
I think that's just the way he's drawn - kind of like Bunta from Initial D, if you've seen that. He's the teacher in charge of the Special Alices' section/group that Mikan's in. If you're following the raw, they actually introduce him ep 6, which is earlier than they did in the manga. In case you didn't know ^^;; There are 5 different section/groups:
- people who have your typical ESP type alices, things like teleportation, prediction of the future, seeing through walls, etc.
- people who have alices related to creating things, or helpful towards research, etc. For instance people whose drawings or stuffed toys come to life (like the person who made Mr Bear), people who can create food/potions with strange powers/side effects, etc
- people whose alices are related to their physical body, like all the pheromone people (Narumi and Luca) or people who can walk super fast, change the shape of their faces, etc.
- the special alice group - all the leftover people with odd or strange alices which don't fit into the other groups. examples are like Mikan's self protecting/negation thing, people who can make their souls come out of their bodies and afix them to other objects, kage no bunshindoppelgangers, etc.
- people with dangerous alices (like Natsume) - this group is pretty mysterious and is led by Persona

2. What was the 'Aladdin and the Magic Lamp' thing Mikan and co did? This is what the Special Alice group did for the Alice School/Academy's cultural festival. It was a kind of RPG-ish game with different levels covered by different members of the Special Alice group. The person who wins and makes it through the RPG gets to pick a lantern which allows them to get 3 wishes within a week, from the person whose lantern they picked.

3. Why did they choose a male to play female lead and vice versa for the play?
I'm not sure - I think maybe they just thought it would be cute? or very fitting for the play? At first the prince wasn't supposed to be Mikan - it was supposed to be that girl (whose name I've forgotten) who had pheromone powers to attract other girls. :P And I think they wanted Luca in the part of snow white because of the whole animal thing (which BTW, is just adorable)

4. At one point, someone (I think Narumi?) is thinking something about some sort of unknown strength protecting Mikan. 'Itsuka kanojo o mamoru chikara ni naru.' That's correct right? What's he talking about? I think he's talking about her alice right? The one that protects her from other people's alices by negating them.

Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions! #_# I hope you don't mind answering them... - No problem. I'm just slow at answering. Hope you don't mind ^^;

As a random thing, did you notice how amazingly short Natsume's eyebrows are? I never noticed it till my friend (yay, I got one friend into Gakuen Alice!) pointed it out to me. Yamaneko!Natsume is adorable. XD

- yeah, I didn't notice either until you pointed it out. ^^;; I think it's easier to make him look mad/disgruntled most of the time that way... maybe?

spoilery Gakuen Alice things that I want to know more of! )

I picked up my vol 6 Gakuen Alice manga a few weeks ago so no I finally have no gaps in the storyline! <3 In case anyone's interested in what happens.. that's you anon! (unless you've already had your questions answered)Gakuen Alice vol 6 not so brief reactions/summary )

So the reason I've been neglecting the manga and anime, is because there's been a sudden influx of fangirly/fannish games over here. I up and bought Tokimeki Girl's side, because it's cheap now ($20-$25) and it finally arrived a few weeks ago, and then the sibling's (Oh so much love!) christmas present just arrived the other day and it's the PS2 version of Meine Liebe. I haven't actually watched more than the first ep of Meine Liebe. And I haven't played the Meine Liebe GBA rom that's been floating around since I wanted to wait and buy the fully voiced version.
Tokimeki, Meine Liebe v.v. short and incoherent babble )

rambing about random fannish games which are coming out soon, or already out )

Not sure if either of you will see this here, but [ profile] worldserpent or [ profile] kakoten Do either of you know if there's a big difference between the Taiwan and HK versions of Ravages of Time? ... and which versions did you end up picking up?

[ profile] eikitty - ignore everything else and look here!
extremely simplified for lazy person's (me) chinese eggplant with black beans and pork dish )
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Go dl! Go dl! Gakuen Alice episode 1 has been subtitled by Naishou!

Here's the link to the bt:

And they're here if you use irc:
#naisho-fansubs @

and I meme .___. Fill out the survey: (stolen from [ profile] eikitty because I like the 10th question she added)

1. When did you first "friend" me?
2. Why did you first "friend" me?
3. What posts of mine do you like to read the best?
4. What would you like me to write about that I don't?
5. Do you think we would be friends in real life?
6. How often do you read my journal?
7. What do we have in common?
8. Will you post this in your journal too?
9. Do I actually resemble any character from your fandoms in your eyes?
10. If we were to hang out this weekend, what would you want to do?
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I'm liking the anime better and better. I still don't like the anime character designs, but I knew this series would animate well. <3 I like all the little quirky movements they give Mikan in addition to the fun weirdness that was already there. Luca makes his first appearances in this episode. I don't know how I feel yet about Luca's voice - it's not exactly what I expected, but I'll reserve judgment for later.

Gakuen Alice ep 2! )
Why is no one watching this? *weep* People watching/reading Gakuen Alice, where are you? ;__; I guess it's another case of series which are popular in Japan not being the same as the ones popular over here. Or it could be because the manga isn't being scanlated (as far as I know... I haven't actually scoured the internet to see if it is) and the anime isn't being fansubbed right now. Although, I have hopes it will be?

ETA: Oh! *__* There's a new Gakuen Alice comm here! [ profile] alice_gakuen <3
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Ok, random but if you come across Bolthouse Farm's fresh juices I highly recommend you try them! Here's the website. There's even a locator for stores that carry it in your area, if you're in the states. The carrot juice is simply delicious. And if carrot juice is not your thing, the passion fruit one is pretty good too. And there's a berry boost one which is really tasty too, which isn't listed on the site. Mmm. :D~

I finally got a chance to watch the 1st ep of Gakuen Alice. I had some reservations about it beforehand, since I didn't like the anime character designs I saw online. But there's enough stuff I am dying to see animated and well, I just really like this series in general, so it would take a helluva lot to get me to stop watching.

Overall, after watching the 1st ep, I have a couple gripes about it, but it's not as bad as I thought it might be. And they got a couple of things, really, really right. XD

Gakuen Alice! Start! Caps included )
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Here's where I babble about the Mars drama (yes, the taiwanese idol drama one. -_-;). The one that's based off the Japanese manga. I just adore the opening sequence. I wish I could clip it out and share it. But the versions I have are not avi files, and I'm not about to go install yet another utility on the computer just to be able to clip it. -_- way more babbling than I thought there'd be )
Anyways, I'm confused because it seems like they're almost done with the story at episode 12, but I think there are more episodes of the drama available. As far as I can tell, there are at least another 7 or 8 episodes. So does that mean they go off and continue on from the ending of the manga?

Alright, and the opening and ending songs for Mars are here
For some reason, when I ul stuff that's not in english it gets all fcked up. So, the OP is the one with 1 in the title - it's titled 零 by 柯有倫 which is neat since it's got that whole double meaning thing going on. The ED is the one with the 2 in the title. It's 讓我愛你 by 周渝民 徐熙媛. It's actually a duet sung by the people acting Kira and Rei. I actually like Zaizai's (Rei) voice quite a bit. It's got a bit of a resonant quality to it. He's pretty good at singing. I wonder why he doesn't just stick to that...? Barbie's (Kira) voice is a little thin, especially since it's right up next to Zaizai's, but they sound pretty good together.

Small, somewhat interesting blurb: Apparently the two of them needed a bit of convincing to do this duet together. Because they're good friends in RL, they'd have trouble singing a love song together without bursting out laughing. LOL. Apparently kiss scenes are okay, because you get to close your eyes and it only lasts a few minutes, so you can just sort of hold in the laughter and bear it until it's over. XD;

Anyways, feel free to grab anything else in that directory. I think things are pretty clearly labeled, but if you have questions for some reason, just ask.
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Autumn tale - gah. I'm only 7 eps in and we're breaking out the tissue boxes already. x_X It's way angsty, emotional, and melodramatic, but Oh! <3 so very captivating for some reason. :P The child actors are just wonderful and the little girl is so very cute! It's actually kind of difficult to watch - I'm not used to having to rely so heavily on the subtitles. But Korean is totally foreign to me, so much so that I'm still having trouble figuring out what the character's names are. T__T I think the only thing I've picked up so far is "O-pah" = older brother ... which I think you'd have to be deaf and blind not to have picked up after watching just a few episodes.

SMT:Nocturne - I have much love for the character design for Isamu. XD; It's the hat. And that vest. XD It's too bad he's disappeared at the moment. Nooo Chiaki! When you finally meet up, she goes off to go looking by herself? That's smart. Way to run off and get killed. ;__; I finally beat Matador. >E God, I suck hard at this game. It took forever to beat him; it's that 3 consucutive Andalucia attacks that he does right before he's going to die (although, at the time, I didn't know it was right before he was going to die... otherwise I wouldve tried killing him off instead of healing hero or summoning more demons. x_X ) The only one with any kind of resistance to force was my hero, who voided it with his magatama. oh, and also sudama who I didn't use anyhow since it's so terribly weak.

Haruka 1 (game, anime, etc) - I'm on chapter 6 now, and we're with the Heaven pack at the moment. As much as I like Eisen (which is alot since he was the favorite up until this chapter... although my ratings are higher with Inori if only because he's voiced by Naokun. Which is BTW, totally backwards, since I'm not even playing a version that's voiced. ^^;;;) Anyways, what I was saying was part of what makes Eisen so appealing to me _is_ that he's kind of demure and uncertain of himself, as well as of course that he is one of the more open-minded and likely to see more than one side of the story. But, grah. he actually gets a bit annoying in this chapter, what with you having to constantly reassure him/assure him/discuss with him things which I'd thought had already been resolved. Stop vacillating Eisen~ ;___;
As far as the anime goes, it's alright so far, not the best thing ever, but that's kind of what I was expecting anyways. But, gah *__* I'm beginning to see why Tomomasa is so appealing. fhsdjkflh$%#$% Inoue-san's voice! Smex levels high! So high the dial broke. XD;; :D~~

Anyways, was going to post about Mars - the taiwanese idol drama but it's getting long, so next post for sure! The desire to yabber about this with someone other than Sibling has finally won over my extreme embarrassment over watching the series to begin with. So please someone other than me be watching this! OP and ED to be uploaded on next entry. :3


Sep. 28th, 2004 11:07 am
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Here's an interesting topic, grabbed from here:

Like I said in the comment there, my personal opinion is that emoticons aren't meant to map one-on-one to a certain definition/emotion. Rather, they're like facial expressions which have one main meaning most of the time, but can be interpreted differently depending on the person and situation. Anyways, I'd be interested to hear what you all are trying to express with the emoticons you use. (for most common usage, that is)

Here's my list:
cut for your viewing pleasure )
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notes to self. I'll talk more about it later. ^^;;

Read more... )
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Hmm. Well, it's been a while since the last post. I haven't had much time for hobbies in a while.

I think the extent of it is:
random junk )

[ profile] arisuesei - I got your message, but for some reason I wasn't able to reply? Looks like it's from a cell phone. Were you bored? :P Anyways, yay! I'm glad you're reading Kaguya Hime. How far are you, and what do you think of it so far? Who are your favorite characters, etc. etc. uh, if you've already mentioned in a post somewhere, feel free to stab me with some blunt and rusty utensils. D: I _will_ get through the fl backlog! I will! T____T
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So, continuing with the shoujo theme. I finished up Honey Bitter, the latest Obana Miho title. It looks like it's a romantic drama about an 18/19 year old girl with mind-reading and premonition abilities who works at a detective agency/all-round service provider. I really like this so far - it's got all the real-life issues wrapped in a less than real-life situation markings of an Obana Miho title. <3

Summary, from what I can tell ^^; )
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Old Smap. Really old Smap. Oh so dorky and cute~

Seigi no mikata wa ateni naranai - if you haven't heard any old SMAP, you should at least download this. They're so damn boppy and retarded. XD;

Kokoro no kagami - more happy, boppy, dippy genki music.

Yozora no mukou - ok, not quite as old, although still old. And they're not quite as psychotically genki as before, but still very cute. ^__^ More of an R&Bish flavor.

Smile senshi oto ranger - here's another winner. XD; Released under the name 青松くん but we know better. *laugh*

Other extraneous stuff:

And hey, otah, found it. So here it be:
Born Again (Ginji's character song) bubbly and cute Morikubo Shoutarou. :P

Hanazagawa Rui's theme from the Hana Yori Dango anime - well this is here to celebrate the fact that I finally finished the manga. Thank God it's finished! The completionist in me wouldn't let me stop collecting it after I'd already bought the first 15 or so volumes. I naively thought it'd finish soon. >_>;

Separate Ways - Faye Wong, cute catchy song. And I've not heard her sing much in japanese.

Cold War - Faye Wong's cover of Tori Amos' Silent all these Years. In cantonese (can it really be called a cover then? what would it be called then?)

They're all here! Happy downloading. :D
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I whine. whine. whine. )

okay, on to things that could be of actual interest! Let's see. hobby-wise I've been a manga-reading fiend lately. ^^; And oh! Oh! Oh! I was able to procure a copy of Hana to Yume #4 with the drama cd furoku. <3 I have been dying to hear the Gakuen Alice minidrama clip. Eeee! They cast Paku Romi as Natsume! <3 Oooh! Good choice. I am sad that Lucapyon didn't make an appearance. I would have loved to hear a clip of him and his animal friends. :P So, Ueda Kana cast as Mikan: Not bad, I guess. I'd imagined that Mikan would have a higher and cuter voice. Still whiny, but not quite so annoying. I noticed, I tend to imagine the girls' voices as being higher then they usually end up being. Sawashiro Miyuki cast as Hotaru: I like this choice. It's very close to what I'd imagined. You know, genteel and a bit lofty.

In case anyone's interested Gakuen Alice (by Higuchi Tachibana, same mangaka as M to N no Shouzou) is a cute school comedy. The main character, Mikan has a best friend she's known since childhood, Hotaru. One day, Hotaru suddenly moves away because she was selected to go to a special boarding school. Mikan feels left behind and runs away to go join her. Once there, she finds out that the school, Gakuen Alice (as you might have imagined), is actually for special kids who all have some mysterious power/talent. They call the mysterious powers/talents Alice. I honestly don't know why... There are a bunch of wacky and adorable characters, such as Mr. Bear - the stuffed toy who lives in the woods and beats up on anyone encroaching on his territory. :P Or Luca, who usually seems so composed and cool, but actually has the power of animal pheromones and gets all floaty and starry-eyed when he is together with his animal friends (who I might add all love him muchly). XD;; This seriously brings about some of the most hilariously cute pictures ever.

The chapter in this issue is really cute too. They're doing a play of Sleeping Beauty, with Mikan as the prince, Luca as sleeping beauty. Natsume's wildcat XD;;; and Narumi-sensei's hunter. XD;; I ended up picking up the 3rd volume because dammit! I need more! When is the 2nd volume going to come out in chinese? *sob* I'm considering subscribing to HtY again, except that, arg, where would I ever find the space to put them? Why do they take up so much space? ;___;

Oh, and question for anyone who's reading Gakuen Alice. uh, is there anyone else reading this? Why does Mikan call Sumire Paama? is it because of her hair? ^^;

Oh and if anyone's familiar with M to N no Shouzou - someone help me out here. Why is Hijiri = ringo (apple)? ?_?

eh, more manga blabber later about the following things. I marathoned the Basara series, which I really enjoyed. And I finally got to read M to N no Shouzou in it's entirety, and not just bits and pieces out of manga magazines in a language I can barely understand. :P~ And it is just as hilariously wonderful as I knew it would be. Sure, cheesy in parts, but nothing beats Mitsuru in M-mode, complete with blood dripping from her nose. *cackle* Oh and one more thing I'll hopefully eventually get to. I picked up the first volume of the latest Miho Obana series, Honey Bitter, which I guess is running in Cookie? I've never read Cookie - what kind of things run in it? It's good! :3 But then again I usually like her stuff anyways.

Oh one last thing, Stargate fans? If you're in the US, Sam's Club is selling all the box sets for $40 a piece. Good deal if you ask me. I'm just not sure I can readily fork over $120 dollars all the moment for 3-5. T_T
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So I've been playing Skies of Arcadia. I broke down and bought it since it was cheap all of a sudden. :D ($17.99 at amazon for the GameCube) piece 1 )

I’m moving along in Houshin Engi finally. I eventually gave up on trying to keep the characters in the original story straight. I'll save that for another day, when I have more time to map it out as I read. ^^; So, I think I just finished volume 11? Anyways, I just realized that I don't know what any of the characters' names are. ^^; But this fansite was most helpful. Going to have to bookmark that. :D piece 2 )

Dan Doh!! - Never in a million years would I have thought that I'd watch an anime about golf. But then again, I did watch one about go... so. niko-ball! aka piece 3 )

video game meme gacked from [ profile] angrybabble
meme )
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I watched the first musical so far and it's good! It's much better that the PoT one, which I cringed the whole way through. It's a lot better choreographed and staged for one. And I'm impressed with the singing. It's not 100% wonderful and perfect stage quality singing, but they're not doing bad at all for not being singers/stage/opera people. The main four's singing isn't bad at all. I think the weakest singer is Mitsuhashi Kanako (Killua's seiyuu). But even she isn't as horribly off key as some of the PoT people. (I swear some of them can't sing at all/are tone deaf)

more on the 1st musical, non-spoilery )

Now all I need is to see Hiroki-san perform Chichi wo Moge live! (preferably in the Parco Folgore getup) I would kill to see this. >_<; Now that I think about it, it'd be pretty amusing to see someone cosplay Parco Folgore and karaoke the song too! Complete with mini-drama in between. XP~

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