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logging here for prosperity my commentary on this entry:

For what it's worth, I see where you're coming from with Subaru's voice. I do think though that it's more of a historical thing than anything else. From what I can tell, if you go back and watch early stuff of theirs, Subaru's voice back then really was the most stable (ie, least pitchy). And his voice quality was better back then also -- I don't know if it's because of the smoking or age or what, but his voice has definitely changed. He's hoarser, and the tone of his voice is less clear. If you go back and just listen to all the performances Naniwa Iroha Bushi starting from when it first came out to more recent ones, you'll see he can't quite hit the same notes he used to back then, when doing the repeating yodeling riff thing. (sorry, my knowledge of musical terms falls short here, but you know what I'm referring to right?)

But fast forward to current time, and they've all improved. Everyone's singing is much less pitchy and is more musical, and they're better at their instruments, etc. For what it's worth (and please don't stone me, I love them, I do), I still think that for being musicians, their singing isn't that great. Their voices are average - they still are pitchy sometimes, and the tone of their voices doesn't really stand out. But for Johnnys (and a lot of western bands/musicians) - their voices are awesome. I think they're one of the few groups that have so many members who can hold a tune and whose voices sound decent live.

And now that I'm on a roll - I'm going to blather in your comments about my personal thoughts on the boy's singing, and my thoughts on singing and voices in general. (I'll probably cut and paste this at some point into my own journal for logging, but while I'm a-typing away. manifesto here in your comments! .___. sorry. )

Subaru - I do think that Subaru has a decent voice - but even when it sounded better in his younger days, I get the feeling that when he sings he tries very hard to differentiate his singing voice from everyone else's. It's in the way he makes his voice hard/harsh and vibratos a lot and sings verging on screaming. Generally speaking, I don't tend to prefer this type of singing.

Ryo - Ryo-chan's voice has improved a lot since the early days - he's definitely much more stable and almost never pitchy nowadays. I'd say maybe even less pitchy than Subaru now. That said, he sufferers imho from a weak vocal tone. He does that nasal singing that johnnys love to do. I don't get the appeal of it at all, but perhaps it's stylistic? This is unfortunate because his natural speaking voice is pleasant and unique-sounding higher, but with a little rough-ish rasp.

Yasu - I actually think Yasu's voice might have been one of the less pitchy ones in the early days also. I don't know though because I haven't paid enough attention ^^;; Nowadays he seems to be less pitchy as well and his singing is musical, he uses vibrato, etc when singing but not in an over the top way - his singing actually sounds to me the most like a lot of older japanese artists do. a la kuwata keisuke, but less polished and less good (sorry! sorry!) It's still more nasal than I'd like, in that way of the johnnys. ...which as I said before, I don't really like.

Maru - Maru's voice is interesting. ...and I'm not just saying that because I wubble him to bits. Early on, he was pitchy as hell. But as he's gotten better.... it seems like he has different ways of singing. Either that or je processes the hell out of everyone's voice so they have that nasal johnnys thing going on. His earlier solos have him doing the nasal high johnny's voice. ...but I actually prefer when he sings normally - ie his raw voice, non-nasally. His singing is really musical as well, and I really like his vocal tone. His notes have a soft and round quality to them when he vibratos. And I really like when he sings in a lower range.

Hina - He's gotten a lot better with pitchiness also, and his voice is unique. Of all the members I'd say he has the most unique voice. It's rough and manly. :D ...unfortunately his singing lacks musicality imho. he doesn't do vibrato, or much tone inflection. His singing is straight-forward sounding. which I guess is fitting with the personality.

Yoko - He actually has one of the nicer vocal tones, imho. It's high and sweet. But he either lacks power or confidence or something because it's also the weakest ie, it sounds like he's not supporting his singing with air or something.. That and as far as I can tell, he has problems with pitch. I'd imagine though that if they'd actually given him opportunities to grow in this area, he might have gotten less pitchy and more vocally powerful. Who knows though.

Anyhow, back to commenting on your post... you're not at all a bad fan - people don't all fangirl/fanboy in the same way. Most of the Arashi things you've mentioned sound like headcanons which have become popularized in fandom. or at least western fandom? I'm not as familiar with japanese or chinese fandoms, but I've been told that fan behavior is different sometimes. As someone standing outside looking in on the fandom though, I don't know how much of that is actual belief that say, Nino is perpetually 17 vs let's all joke about this because this is a shared fandom joke/headcanon.

Much in the same way that shippers are -- sometimes it's hard to tell whether folks actually think something is going on vs. they're fangirling about it and cognizant that it's fevered fangirl brains a-talking, but that it's not really feasible to preface every post/comment/tweet with "...yes, I know they're not actually screwing each other into the floorboards, but this is me being shipper-y"

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I've been pausing to take a breath on the fannish activity front. Which basically translates to.... I'm learning to let go of not seeing every single tumblr and twitter post that passes through my dashboards. Because trying to is just crazy-making, even with the tiny lists of people I've followed. How do people handle the overload of info? And how do you deal with the niggling feeling that you've missed or overlooked something awesome? OMG! Noes! it will disappear forever! ..and I will never see it again! ;)

But, I am still watching kanjani8 shows and various jdramas. Shiwake has finally moved on from the naming of various veteran actors/comedians/whatnot. I just finished up the 2011.08.03 episode - this one has an actress come in and then they bring on 5 "friends/acquaintances/co-workers" in the industry, and kanjani8 has to figure out based on their interactions, which of the 5 is actually someone that the actress does not like. Clearly right up my alley, what with having to do with interpersonal relationships and their perceptions of them. :D Maru-chan's pick was really interesting - since he picked the person she's known for 20+ years... because when asked whether they spend time privately she said that they'd gone golfing once, but not really anything other than that.... and his take was, maybe she didn't enjoy hanging out golfing with him... Which is a rather negative take on things no? :P Subaru went with the more "obvious" choice of the guy who was practically crying during their interaction because he thought he wasn't liked. lol.

They also introduced another type of challenge which I really liked - the Slot 7 thing -- where they ask questions and the members try to all come up with the same answer ie, to show that they understand each other, have teamwork, etc. they totally give Yoko a hard time XD; ...but he's totally the right person to put into the last position. XD

Oh, and I finally finished off Maru's graduation recomen episode and have started on back episodes from when he first started. I also want to listen to some of the even older ones with Yoko in them too, but. gotta prioritize somehow ;) The graduation ep was nice because they did a lot of reminiscing and they also played a few of maru's solo songs :3 2013.04.18 ep has some interesting "love advice" type talk from some relationship expert. from what I can understand, I don't necessarily agree, but then again I wouldn't recommend taking relationship advice from myself either.. so who knows.

Hmm, what else... oh right. I'm watching drama.

I finished up Ouroboros, which was awesome. Seriously one of the better jdramas I've seen. And I'm plodding my way through Samurai Sensei, which I'm having trouble with. It's cute and decent -- but believe it or not, I find Ryo-chan's inability to keep from laughing, distracting. Because it takes me out of the story, and makes Hanpeita a less believable character (because all I can see is Ryo-chan trying not to laugh. >_> ) .... perhaps Ryo-chan should stick to more serious stuff? Kamiki-kun on the other hand is mesmerizing. His Sakamoto Ryoma is darling and complex. was really bad luck on Ryo-chan's part to be acting against Kamiki-kun in this. Anyhow, I just finished ep 6 and it looks like there's finally more backstory coming about what Sakamoto Ryoma's been doing in this time period. yay!

I'm also watching Naku na, Hara-chan which is cute, funny, and touching. Nagase's Haru-chan is solid, and I'm also happy to see anything with Maru-chan in it. His character is weak, but cute. ...which he is good at playing.

...and lastly I have started chinese drama. Because I can no longer ignore all the glowing raving recommendations. Nirvana on Fire. So far, it truly is as good as people have said. The intrigue is interesting and it feels smart. It's fun to guess what's happening. I'd imagine that fans of Ravages of Time would really like this.

And that's it for now~
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So, I really liked the episode with the strange food combos which taste good (2011.06.01). It looks like they had folks send in suggestions and then some of the boys picked one that they liked best to show and have everyone else try. Then they they'd all vote on whether it actually tasted good or not, ie whether that member's successful at this challenge or not. Majority wins as usual.

I haven't tried all the combos, but I probably will try most of them at some point.

Ryo-chan: Pudding (the japanese purin type?) and natto. -- I haven't tried this, but I want to at some point. I'm pretty sure it'll be good because I like natto with honey.

Okura: Japanese curry with mini cream puffs. -- this one looks good to me too. And I don't care if it makes the curry colder or tones down the spicy flavor. :D

Yasu: Gyudon (beef bowl) with fruits punch (ie, those canned fruit things) - I dunno if I can make myself try this. It looks gross >_<

Maru-chan: Vanilla ice cream with Nori tamago furikake (those rice seasoning things, egg and seaweed flavor). I tried this recently and it tastes just like he explained. It's surprisingly really good!

Sadly I don't think any of the other members showcased a choice although I really wish they did though, because I'd love to see what Subaru, Hina and Yoko pick.

The next couple episodes are again trying to guess the names of people. This time around it's veteran comedians. I think this particular type of challenge is getting a little old. ;) I can only watch them be mortified and slapped so many times.
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quick recomen 2016.03.10 thoughts

So, the kuro rekishi corner is hilarity. Because I like hearing about things people are embarrassed about. ^^; I can relate, after all.

One girl wrote in about how how she used to have this poster/picture? of hina that she'd talk to/greet/say bye to and kiss his fangs XD;; Hina: EH? Me: LOL
But apparently she sent this to a friend who was feeling down and it cheered them up. then Maru & Hina are like... this isn't really a kuro rekishi (direct trans: black history, ie some hidden past you don't want to see the light of day?) does this even count? etc.

Then at some point they were asked about any hairstyles they regretted, etc in the past and Hina's like I have no kuro rekishi - my past is all shiro rekishi. White History. (yes he says it in english).. and Maru's like wtf, why in english? I guess he's noticed he's been speaking more english? ...and Hina says something about how folks think his english sucks. XD;;; ...and Maru's like ..oh. cause of the show? (ie. chronicle. the english telephone game thing XD;) ....and I die laughing.

Oh an apparently at some point Maru had blonde hair - which he said didn't look good at all on him. But I think Hina or staff is like, what? no big deal, it's like something everyone tries, etc. I'd love to see pics of him with blond hair. I can't imagine. XD; His hairstyles changes have been pretty subtle for the most part. I did like the long permed hair thing he went through for a bit. I love the half up/half down style on him when he was younger. The current fluffy wave is super cute too. Anyhow, sidetracked there.

Then there was the girl who apparently liked to wear no underwear in gradeschool. XD;;

So Maru-chan's like reading the letter - and it's talking about how she felt like it made regular school into something thrilling, and how when she's standing (in a high place? on a balcony? school rooftop?) she can like feel the breeze...

Hina (...and me): (!) with a skirt? LOLWUT
Maru: continues on about how it made her feel excited like she has some secret from the people around her, etc. And how it was particularly hard (...and I guess exciting?) when she had to change into her gym shorts, etc.

Hina: ...this like porn or something?!
Maru/Staff/Me: Hahahaha.

.. anyhow the whole time Maru's like chuckling. And I die many deaths because his chuckling voice is SO CUTE. ...and they're both like: what?! o_O and laughing.
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So it looks like they're putting out a dvd on June 15th, from the last show where okura was out due to intestinal blockage. And so I'm so happy to have a dvd! ...but I have mixed feelings about how they're putting out a dvd with footage sans-Okura.

I went ahead and preordered the DVD version already because apparently there's no standard editions. ...which is weird. ...and because I don't have a bluray player so that's never an option for me.

On one hand - I really want to see them struggling and emotional over Okura not being there - I think that will make good footage. But I really feel for Okura fans too. Cause I know I'd be depressed if my fav was like missing from most of a concert dvd. It's going to be tough for them to make a DVD that's going to keep fans happy. They probably already know this though, which is probably why they're only putting out the limited editions. Either cause they figure there will be less folks to buy, or because they want to drum up that feeling of scarcity to get folks to buy.

Other thoughts on semi-recent news - I'm happy for Ryo-chan that he's guesting in the totto terebi drama, but also kind of sad that it's not a full blown main drama role complete with K8 OP/ED.

...and I can't figure out what the yomifa thing is. >_>;; looks like starting in May there's going to be some new column called gokigen kanjani8 talk? is yomifa a newspaper? a magazine?
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One of the greatest things about watching variety tv and listening to radio shows that kanjani8, or any johnnys idols are on is that inevitably they recommend stuff that they like. And like the crazy fangirl I am -- I frequently try that stuff out. cause. omg. why wouldn't I? ^^;;

So, I've tried Maru's mapo tofu recipe (which was pretty good, I'd not had the japanese version which uses miso before). And I also recently tried Tanaka Koki's Kaarage (fried chicken bites) recipe which was gleaned from the janiben episode he was on, 2012.02.08. And I'm dying to try Maru's Kasujiru... except that would mean I'd have to go search for the clip of him making it again. And then do some guestimation.

Koki's Kaarage Recipe )

Anyhow, Koki's Kaarage actually IS really tasty. it's just like kanjani8 members say - juicy and crispy. I'd make it more if frying wasn't such a pain in the ass, and if it were healthier. ;)
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I could tell I was going to like this right away, but it's really steadily gotten better as we've gotten further in the story. I was a little worried about how Tatsuya was portrayed in the early episodes because I had a hard time understanding where Oguri Shun was going with his character, but everything sort of fell in place as the show continued.

I really really like the relationships between all the characters in this. Especially Ikuo and Tatsuya's. But also Ikuo and Hibino, and Tatsuya and Hibino, and Ikuo and his ex-superior. And Tatsuya and Chouno.. etc,etc. Even Tatsuya and his Ane-san.

But OMG. I die of sadness at the end of ep 9. oh the feels. >_< Words don't suffice. Here are some caps. Of brokenhearted Ikuo/toma.

broken hearted caps )
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Alright, I've moved over to dreamwidth, with my non-stop kanjani8 fangirling. I've even figured out how to import everything over from livejournal. So, yay! go me!

That said, it's like a barren desert over here. I haven't been able to find any kanjani8 activity yet going on over here -- I mean, like even less than on livejournal. which is saying something. I am on tumblr, but has discussion & text based fandom really disappeared?
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Here's my current rankings according to the fun ranking script from here:

Read more... )
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more shiwake thoughts, I finished up to #15 2011.05.25, which was the 2nd half of the Johnny's Ai one.  I'm not at all surprised that Hina passes his.  But who would've thought that Maru would be good at remembering their sempais lyrics too. I love watching him karaoke cause he gets into it. lol.   And I am duly impressed that Subaru passed his too, which I thought was one of the harder songs.  And I can't believe Yasu fails again this time ;__;   And I die laughing at Yoko's reactions how beforehand he says stuff to cushion the blow (just in case he fails) but then right afterwards he totally throws Yasu under the bus. XD;;  Although Ryo-chan does it too, just less so.  XD;

The episode where Hina, Yasu and Ryo go to the amusement park? -- my feelings on it were exactly the same as Okuras, I totally feel bad for the ossans who are responsible for/manage the park.  No one wants to see that!  ._.  ^^;

As for the ones where they have to give the names of the veteran actors?  lol.  This has got to be set up right?  Cause I can't imagine that the sempai actors would stand for it.  Even the guy who supposedly has a short temper, he seemed to take it all in stride when they couldn't remember his name.  ...Actually the guy whose name none of them remembered did seem a little put out, but... maybe it's just good acting?  ...someone said it (I can't remember who) but it's totally true - it's like they're creating enemies when they're still starting off.  XD;;

I love the ones where they try to guess ages - there's another one where you have to guess who's a mom and who's an elementary school student.  I have to say, Maru sucks at this.  XD;;  And then there was one where they had to guess which lady used to be a yankee (ie, delinquent) ... I totally picked the same person as Maru, which btw was wrong.  XD;;

What's funny about these also is that if you get it wrong, you get slapped (or in the case of the elementary school vs mom, you get squirted in the face with a water gun) And they don't look like soft slaps either.  Although I have to say, they had an assistant do the slapping for the veteran actors one -- and it looks like she slaps harder/softer for certain people (!) ....or at least it seemed that way to me.  :P

Next one up is them sharing/trying strange combinations of food that surprisingly go well together.  There was a short preview clip where I think Ryo's recommendation was purin (japanese pudding) and natto.  I'm actually not surprised that this goes together.  I really like natto with honey -- it makes it taste like sweet red beans. <3

... but it also reminds me of an old clip I've seen before with Ryo-chan recommending that you mix sugar and margerine and spread it on bread, toast it, and then spread some more on the toast.  ...which sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.  XO
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So, I've been watching Kanjani no shiwake eight and the early episodes are really good!  I'm not sure why it eventually got cancelled, especially right after they made it to golden hour.  But then again a lot can change in 4 years, so.  So far I've only seen the first few eps - so the Johnny's Ai one where they have to sing a randomly chosen shounentai song without making lyrics mistakes for the portions of the lyrics which are missing.  And the one they test who has good motor skills (ie, good at physical exercise, etc) by having them get on a high bar and do backwards rotations, etc.

What's best about these things is seeing their reactions and them interacting with each other and trying new things.  As a fan - honestly that's what I want to see most - it's also why I like Janiben so much.

I honestly felt bad for Yasu when he failed his singing thing.  He looked so sad/upset ;___;  Although turns out most of them failed XD;  And I loved Maru's happy performance - and the members' commentary (which they so helpfully subtitled next to the wipe!)
And I love hearing them sing karaoke-style though.  It's part of the reason I want to watch shiwake.  to hear their non-processed voices! Cause this is the show where they do the karaoke stuff right right?  <3
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So as part of their news segment, they talk about some juniors ranking grand prix thing.  It's like the 22nd time this ranking has happened.  I'm guessing it's something like the myojo ranking thing I talked about in the post before.

random notes on them reminiscing on the rankings etc )

I also loved the bit where they're talking about cassette tapes/mix tapes, etc.  Because it totally IS nostalgic ....and I can identify.  But they talk about cassette tapes and making mixed tapes for people and Maru says he's never made a mixed tape for a girl he liked, but he's apparently made some kind of hora? (is this horror?) tape for a friend of his .... which was like 4 hours long or something.  lol.  Not exactly sure what kind of tape that is but I had the same reaction that Hina and staff had, which was like (?!  XD;;  )  

But Hina supposedly made one of those mixed tapes where somewhere within the tape he tells the girl that he likes her.  ^^;  I can't remember if it was because he was moving soon or something or maybe she was moving? and so he decided to do it.  But that's so cute!

 ....and then Maru's like, probably the listeners are like, wtf are these ossans talking about?  ...cause they're being all reminiscent of stuff which a younger generation doesn't get or care about.  XD;  ...and so I have to wonder if the makeup/distribution of their fans/listeners really are a lot younger?

Anyhow, I usually listen to these during my commute so when I finally get around to writing stuff down, sometimes I forget stuff.  >_>;;  But I'm really going to miss having these to look forward to.  ...although I'll probably go try and find older ones to listen to.  I'm not likely to listen to the newer JWest ones sadly.  I have mixed feelings towards them and honestly I'd rather focus what little fannish time I have on the group/idols I'm most interested in, even if it is watching/listening to their old stuff.  After all, I survived for years scrounging around for old V6 stuff :P  And Kanjani8 has plenty of activity to consume (way more than V6 did when I was really into them)

btw I am so so sad that they don't put out dvds for butai.  How the heck am I supposed to watch Maru's Macbeth?  *sob* 
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Looks like Ryo-chan's back to a longer jweb this week.  And not only is the subject matter interesting, but it's got a ton of personality in it lol.

Looks like he likes to make his own versions of songs he likes on his laptop and he talks about how he goes about doing it - like which tracks he lays down first etc.  I'd love to know what kind of software and equipment he uses.  I'd also love to hear the actual arrangements and what songs he does pick too.  Stuff like this really interests me, and if I had more time on my hands I'd love to try my hand at it.

I totally feel for him though cause that sounds like a lot of work to have lost over a sudden reboot.  But yeah, I totally feel his pain, apple products and QA have definitely declined since steve jobs passed.  CMD+s  XD;;

I wish they all would post more stuff like this. XD;


Heh, I can totally imagine Maru-chan relaxing in the bath with his aromatherapy and candles.  Gotta wonder if he's actually writing from the bathtub.  lol.


I really really liked Okura's this week.  It's him being introspective and thoughtful, and reminds me of the kind of conversations you have with people at 2 in the morning when you're discovering yourself, etc.   I don't think anything he's saying is particularly profound, but it feels like a real piece of what he's thinking and I can understand where he's coming from.   I am curious though about how a younger fan might read this.

As an aside - I think that normally, people don't at heart change, but age does change you in some ways.  I think once you're past your highschool/early college years, your core personality is well established.  It's like age adds an extra tone or layer.  One of the things I really like about kanjani8 is that I'm able to watch them mature.  I like how they're more confident, less desperate (although I love watching the young and desperate them too)

I liked this entry so much I spent time trying to read the whole thing first in japanese.  Normally, I don't read okura's in japanese first unless it's rather short - I skip straight to his english version... (sorry tacchon!)   Oh and random pet peeve?  Why do they make it such a pain to change the language?  you have to go to the top then change the languange then go back to the page you were on.  Pain in the ass much?!  I imagine I'm not the only person to subscribe to multiple languages, right?
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So, I braved Kinokinuya in hopes of picking up Myojo issues for the Girlfriends articles and thankfully made it out with the November and Decemner 2015 issues.  The last time I went into a brick and mortar japanese bookstore to buy such overtly fannish things was about 10 years ago.  So this was definitely an exercise in overcoming extreme embarassment.  I couldn't find any of the more recent issues so maybe they're out.  Or maybe they're in a different area.  *sigh*

These are filled with huge pinups and glossy photos of groups I'm sadly not interested in.  I wish I knew fans who lived nearby that I could pass them on to.   Anyhow, random thoughts on the November issue -

- there's this ranking smaller pamphlet? thing where as far as I can tell, a bunch of johnnys (and johnny's jrs) ranked other johnnys on a bunch of categories.  I think k8 only makes 3 appearances, none of which are in top 3.  I am super surprised that 2 of those are Maru, and one of the two is for 6th place in the category for person they'd most want as a lover/sweetheart.  The other one is 4th place for being good at taking care of people.  Yoko also takes 7th for someone they'd be happy to have as a big brother
- I think I can now recognize 3 of the Johnny's WEST kids.
- MatsuJun's hairstyle is cute on him, it's that butt part where the bangs in front are a tad longer.
- I can't believe I bought a whole magazine for a two page article >_<;;
- did not know that yamapi had a recent drama called 5 -> 9.   Worth looking into?  It still weirds me out a little that Yamapi's lost his chubby cheeks.  and apparently has muscles now.
- Nakamaru has some really nice photo shots towards the end of the magazine in an article.  The coloring is really nice.  If I was at all a fan, I'd be flailing.

Ok and on to the scattered girl friends thoughts - Girl Friends #43
more )
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So I went back and listened to it
Recomen 2016.02.18

And per Hina, staff doesn't count and neither do people who are regulars on the shows you're on.

So Maru is left with Nishikawa Ayako-sensei. And hina's like that's definitely giri Choco XD; ...and Maru's like chuckling and comes up with a story about how on Saturday plus, you know how they do those "personality tests" where they ask something and have them write someone's name on the board. And they they tell you what the answer really says about you? Apparently Ayako-sensei did one which translated to meaning she wanted to get to know him more of something. Lol. Nice save? maru-chan. ^^;

Then Hina's like... I got an honest to goodness honmei choco. Me: you totally just set this whole conversation up so you could tell us this. Lol.

So Maru's like guessing.
Me: omg guys, you're doing this on air?! *feels sorry for the girl*
Maru: Kaba-chan?
Hina: nope.
Me: argh why does my Japanese suck so much? What does gachiya mean?!
... More talk, half of which I don't understand
Maru: who is it? *said playfully*
Maru(actually is it Hina who says this?): Aiba (aiban?)
... So apparently she's gone to their show an was supposedly a ryochan fan. XD;;

So now I'm super curious about who they're talking about. XD;;
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So, I dunno what to think of the fact that in the next week or so Maru is leaving Recomen, and Hina is leaving Hirunandesu.  And both those spots are being replaced by Johnny’s WEST members.  It’s definitely worrisome for me as a kanjani8 fan. .__.  This all is probably not helped by the fact that I’m trolling for info at japanese sites/fans twitters/tumblrs/etc …and my japanese comprehension rate is probably at best 50-60%.  I really hope too that this is all prompted by new opportunities for them, but I haven’t heard anything yet.  I mean I know Maru is doing the Macbeth butai which should be a good opportunity for him to grow/learn.  But but but.  >___<  I dunno. it just makes me nervous this whole thing what with stuff happening so quickly in succession.  lol.
Anyways, thought snippets on Maru & Hina’s Recomen 2016.02.11 & 2016.02.18
recomen thoughts )

And thoughts on Japanese valentines day customs + the concept of kokuhaku
more thoughts cut )
Anyhow, just my 2 cents.
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Alright, the flailing needs an outlet. And because I'm a dinosaur, and I can't figure out where the actual flailing fans are, at least who are flailing with words instead of pictures. So, here I am again. >_>;;

I'm watching the 47con making, and they're so adorably young! I just want to pinch their cheeks! There's a section where Maru and Hina are like singing, then stop, then singing then stop (and Yasu joins in temporarily) that is just the cutest thing! I love how they've grown up and matured, but I also like watching them when they were stupid, desperate, and young. XD;

And randomly, Hina looks good with a tie. well, not randomly. I'm at the part where they're in Okinawa at the beach. Trying to make Hina (who is afraid of all bugs) hold a hermit crab.

OMG. @ yoko feeding random fan a spoonful of Subaru's birthday cake. OMG.

And Yasuba fans must have died happy at the adorable kiss bit right as they were heading to the vans at the end. ...and LOL Maru got cut XD;;

Watching the concert now.

Zukkoke Otoko Michi - LOL @ Yoko forgetting to do his turn at changing the lyrics up with his name. And holy crap Ryo-chan lying on the floor doing nothing but singing normally is somehow way sexier than anything I've seen in a long time.

I like watching them switch off trying to get the audience excited at the beginning, right after Sukiyanen Osaka. Aww. Maru's little laugh after he gets the audience to go "Pang" is so cute! *wibbles*

more later. and yes. there will be more. Muahahaha
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Argh livejournal. Why must your captcha thing be such crap?! All I want to do is thank the nice person for their maruchan links!
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It's been a really long time since I looked at this thing, and at the beginning of the evening I was all gung ho to post about the various tv shows I've been marathoning lately.  But instead I spent the last few hours:

... )

As a side note, it's very cool to see that some fannish people that I used to stalk continue to have good taste even if many people have disappeared or stopped being as fannish.

veronica mars )

Alright more later on other tv shows I've been marathoning, like Skins, Bones, House.  I just started watching the first few episodes of Dead like me, Torchwood, Dexter, Freaks and Geeks, and I'm thinking about trying Jericho..  Haven't decided which ones are most gripping or what I'm in the mood for yet.
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Just logging thoughts for prosperity. As usual, feel free to skip.

I have been less than social online (and in real life too) I find that startups really are the lifedraining blackholes that people say they are. There are perks to it, but I think to do this kind of thing for the rest of your life would take a much more dedicated and high-energy person than me. [Insert overused explanations about having a passion for or loving what you do] I could talk more about this, but it's depressing and I'd probably regret airing it out online later, so on to happier topics. Like video games, books, JE <3 <3 <3 x_X

So to combat the stress (or rather, add to it when I get no sleep), I've started playing video games again. Actually, I think the renewal of interest has something to do with the new gaming consoles that have come out recently. ...I'm resisting the urge to rush out and buy a horrifically overpriced time-sucking machine by going back to play all those backlogged games from when I stopped buying games and keeping up with what was coming out. It's the hype, I know since it's been about a year or so, perhaps more, since I've played anything. I don't have any desire whatsoever to get the PS3, since I'm not obsessed enough to plop down $600 for a gaming console, especially since I get the impression that most games I'd be buying for it would be of the "hooked to your console for weeks at a time" variety. Which are wonderful ...if I had the time for it. Plus I already have the backlog for the PS2 to finish x_X Also, I'd rather get the Wii and try out that new remote-control thingy :P Nintendo wins with the cute. It's sad that games for it are going to be region locked, but what can you do. I guess just more incentive to wait and see if anyone comes up with a hack for that.

Anyways, going back to the games I've been playing - I finished off Dual Hearts, which was a fun, quick, and relatively brainless platform adventure/puzzle type game. Fortunately this was exactly the kind of thing I needed at the time. (and it helps that you can save whenever you please). The characters were kinda blah, the supposedly touching story wasn't all that touching, and the puzzles and game play were verging on too easy, but I really enjoyed playing it anyhow. ^^; (...maybe my brain's starting to die/rot and using my brain!=fun anymore)

So after that I started playing Xenosaga Episode I. I can't believe that Episode III only came out fairly recently. ... I would've thought they'd be finished by now. I mean, a port of the first two eps is already out on the DS. Waiting for them to come out must have been a pain for people following it. Anyhow, the game's pretty fun so far. There really are a lot of cut scenes, but I don't mind them. It's sort of like an animated movie that you can run around in and fight battles. And save spots, while not plentiful, aren't nearly as hard to find as I thought they would be after hearing folks complain about it (oh so long ago when I first bought this game). I find myself rarely using the AGWS that I have, it seems easier to just use the characters themselves. I'm not sure if this is going to affect anything, but I don't think they need to be used to develop in any way, it seems enough to just to spend more money to upgrade them. Well, if not I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I've always been undecided on whether random encounters are better or if being able to see and avoid the enemy is better. I do like the field statuses that you can get if you make the enemies walk into an electrical field or fire though. As far as developing your characters though, it's annoying that you have no idea what kind of tech skills or ether skills they are going to be able to develop. I want to be able to not only use people for their types of attacks/skills, but also use them based on whose upcoming tech skills or ether skills are something my group needs. Those are just minor grumblings though.

Anyhow, I'm wandering around in the cathedral ship gnosis-thing at the moment - not sure how far in the game that is, although if I had to guess, I'd say somewhere towards the beginning. Story-wise it's not too bad so far, with this kind of thing though, it's not until they start explaining that you can tell whether it really has a good plot or not. (I mean, look at all the FF7, 8, and 9, it's like the story seems promising, events/characters are interesting, and then you hit about 90% of the way into it and everything derails. Suddenly, plot events/new characters come out of nowhere and hello!deux ex machina and just plain randomness! It's like they feel the need to outdo themselves with big surprise endings that just get more and more unbelievable.)

Characters, so far, are all likeable in a stereotype-y kind of way. I've just met my stereotype/kinkJr. ..he has potential. XP~ Shion is an interesting blend of the bookish and absentminded/clueless female character. (I'm actually a bit surprised that they have a character like this as the leading character. Although I guess really, KOSMOS should be considered the main character) KOSMOS is your typical unemotional female mech type who is probably the mysterious key to something or other or has some hidden other self with a personality. :P Allen amuses me. Momo is that shota-loli character which I personally find adorable, but no doubt annoys the hell out of some people. Chaos cracks me up. wft is up with his outfit and that bulge in his shorts. x_X He doesn't really appeal to me though, just somehow the idea of him is funny. I dunno if I'm way off base, but I imagine he might appeal to people who like slash/BL. The commander (whose name I've completely forgotten), is getting more interesting since they're focusing on his backstory. I guess he doesn't really fit any stereotypes yet (unless they decide to make him the big bad or something). Ziggy just leaves me uninterested.

totally unrelated, but I wish there were a way to do tags using drivel.

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