Mar. 27th, 2016

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So, I braved Kinokinuya in hopes of picking up Myojo issues for the Girlfriends articles and thankfully made it out with the November and Decemner 2015 issues.  The last time I went into a brick and mortar japanese bookstore to buy such overtly fannish things was about 10 years ago.  So this was definitely an exercise in overcoming extreme embarassment.  I couldn't find any of the more recent issues so maybe they're out.  Or maybe they're in a different area.  *sigh*

These are filled with huge pinups and glossy photos of groups I'm sadly not interested in.  I wish I knew fans who lived nearby that I could pass them on to.   Anyhow, random thoughts on the November issue -

- there's this ranking smaller pamphlet? thing where as far as I can tell, a bunch of johnnys (and johnny's jrs) ranked other johnnys on a bunch of categories.  I think k8 only makes 3 appearances, none of which are in top 3.  I am super surprised that 2 of those are Maru, and one of the two is for 6th place in the category for person they'd most want as a lover/sweetheart.  The other one is 4th place for being good at taking care of people.  Yoko also takes 7th for someone they'd be happy to have as a big brother
- I think I can now recognize 3 of the Johnny's WEST kids.
- MatsuJun's hairstyle is cute on him, it's that butt part where the bangs in front are a tad longer.
- I can't believe I bought a whole magazine for a two page article >_<;;
- did not know that yamapi had a recent drama called 5 -> 9.   Worth looking into?  It still weirds me out a little that Yamapi's lost his chubby cheeks.  and apparently has muscles now.
- Nakamaru has some really nice photo shots towards the end of the magazine in an article.  The coloring is really nice.  If I was at all a fan, I'd be flailing.

Ok and on to the scattered girl friends thoughts - Girl Friends #43
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