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So as part of their news segment, they talk about some juniors ranking grand prix thing.  It's like the 22nd time this ranking has happened.  I'm guessing it's something like the myojo ranking thing I talked about in the post before.

And they give the top three for "who you'd most like as a boyfriend"  None of who I'm familar with, because I'm not really familiar with most of the younger johnnys.

...and then they get talking to how Hina was like in the 6th time they did the ranking..  in 2000.  And apparently they have the data there with them cause they're like leafing through it.  Apparently back then it was 1) Yamapi 2) Subaru .... then some other people then  Hina .... and Ryo-chan actually came after Hina.  Then in the next year Ryo-chan overtakes Hina...and then hilariously they're like what happened?!/changed?!  lolz.

then I die laughing because apparently he takes the "shaberi sou" (like he's most likely to talk)  category in 2006.  to which they're like !... ?! ...cause they're like... doesn't that just mean he's like like annoying/noisy/loud?  lol.  There's actually a huge skip in the years right after 2001 ...cause of course none of them made it on in those years. .__.

then at some point maru made it on as 1st in the most want to eat sweets with category.

I really like when they go back over old stuff of theirs.  It's funny to hear their thoughts on it. There'a actually a clip I saw somewhere where they went on shounen club premium I think?  and watched old performances of theirs.  <3

I also loved the bit where they're talking about cassette tapes/mix tapes, etc.  Because it totally IS nostalgic ....and I can identify.  But they talk about cassette tapes and making mixed tapes for people and Maru says he's never made a mixed tape for a girl he liked, but he's apparently made some kind of hora? (is this horror?) tape for a friend of his .... which was like 4 hours long or something.  lol.  Not exactly sure what kind of tape that is but I had the same reaction that Hina and staff had, which was like (?!  XD;;  )  

But Hina supposedly made one of those mixed tapes where somewhere within the tape he tells the girl that he likes her.  ^^;  I can't remember if it was because he was moving soon or something or maybe she was moving? and so he decided to do it.  But that's so cute!

 ....and then Maru's like, probably the listeners are like, wtf are these ossans talking about?  ...cause they're being all reminiscent of stuff which a younger generation doesn't get or care about.  XD;  ...and so I have to wonder if the makeup/distribution of their fans/listeners really are a lot younger?

Anyhow, I usually listen to these during my commute so when I finally get around to writing stuff down, sometimes I forget stuff.  >_>;;  But I'm really going to miss having these to look forward to.  ...although I'll probably go try and find older ones to listen to.  I'm not likely to listen to the newer JWest ones sadly.  I have mixed feelings towards them and honestly I'd rather focus what little fannish time I have on the group/idols I'm most interested in, even if it is watching/listening to their old stuff.  After all, I survived for years scrounging around for old V6 stuff :P  And Kanjani8 has plenty of activity to consume (way more than V6 did when I was really into them)

btw I am so so sad that they don't put out dvds for butai.  How the heck am I supposed to watch Maru's Macbeth?  *sob* 
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