Apr. 21st, 2016

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quick recomen 2016.03.10 thoughts

So, the kuro rekishi corner is hilarity. Because I like hearing about things people are embarrassed about. ^^; I can relate, after all.

One girl wrote in about how how she used to have this poster/picture? of hina that she'd talk to/greet/say bye to and kiss his fangs XD;; Hina: EH? Me: LOL
But apparently she sent this to a friend who was feeling down and it cheered them up. ...so then Maru & Hina are like... this isn't really a kuro rekishi (direct trans: black history, ie some hidden past you don't want to see the light of day?) does this even count? etc.

Then at some point they were asked about any hairstyles they regretted, etc in the past and Hina's like I have no kuro rekishi - my past is all shiro rekishi. White History. (yes he says it in english).. and Maru's like wtf, why in english? I guess he's noticed he's been speaking more english? ...and Hina says something about how folks think his english sucks. XD;;; ...and Maru's like ..oh. cause of the show? (ie. chronicle. the english telephone game thing XD;) ....and I die laughing.

Oh an apparently at some point Maru had blonde hair - which he said didn't look good at all on him. But I think Hina or staff is like, what? no big deal, it's like something everyone tries, etc. I'd love to see pics of him with blond hair. I can't imagine. XD; His hairstyles changes have been pretty subtle for the most part. I did like the long permed hair thing he went through for a bit. I love the half up/half down style on him when he was younger. The current fluffy wave is super cute too. Anyhow, sidetracked there.

Then there was the girl who apparently liked to wear no underwear in gradeschool. XD;;

So Maru-chan's like reading the letter - and it's talking about how she felt like it made regular school into something thrilling, and how when she's standing (in a high place? on a balcony? school rooftop?) she can like feel the breeze...

Hina (...and me): (!) with a skirt? LOLWUT
Maru: continues on about how it made her feel excited like she has some secret from the people around her, etc. And how it was particularly hard (...and I guess exciting?) when she had to change into her gym shorts, etc.

Hina: ...this like porn or something?!
Maru/Staff/Me: Hahahaha.

.. anyhow the whole time Maru's like chuckling. And I die many deaths because his chuckling voice is SO CUTE. ...and they're both like: what?! o_O and laughing.

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