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Looks like Ryo-chan's back to a longer jweb this week.  And not only is the subject matter interesting, but it's got a ton of personality in it lol.

Looks like he likes to make his own versions of songs he likes on his laptop and he talks about how he goes about doing it - like which tracks he lays down first etc.  I'd love to know what kind of software and equipment he uses.  I'd also love to hear the actual arrangements and what songs he does pick too.  Stuff like this really interests me, and if I had more time on my hands I'd love to try my hand at it.

I totally feel for him though cause that sounds like a lot of work to have lost over a sudden reboot.  But yeah, I totally feel his pain, apple products and QA have definitely declined since steve jobs passed.  CMD+s  XD;;

I wish they all would post more stuff like this. XD;


Heh, I can totally imagine Maru-chan relaxing in the bath with his aromatherapy and candles.  Gotta wonder if he's actually writing from the bathtub.  lol.


I really really liked Okura's this week.  It's him being introspective and thoughtful, and reminds me of the kind of conversations you have with people at 2 in the morning when you're discovering yourself, etc.   I don't think anything he's saying is particularly profound, but it feels like a real piece of what he's thinking and I can understand where he's coming from.   I am curious though about how a younger fan might read this.

As an aside - I think that normally, people don't at heart change, but age does change you in some ways.  I think once you're past your highschool/early college years, your core personality is well established.  It's like age adds an extra tone or layer.  One of the things I really like about kanjani8 is that I'm able to watch them mature.  I like how they're more confident, less desperate (although I love watching the young and desperate them too)

I liked this entry so much I spent time trying to read the whole thing first in japanese.  Normally, I don't read okura's in japanese first unless it's rather short - I skip straight to his english version... (sorry tacchon!)   Oh and random pet peeve?  Why do they make it such a pain to change the language?  you have to go to the top then change the languange then go back to the page you were on.  Pain in the ass much?!  I imagine I'm not the only person to subscribe to multiple languages, right?

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