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So, I really liked the episode with the strange food combos which taste good (2011.06.01). It looks like they had folks send in suggestions and then some of the boys picked one that they liked best to show and have everyone else try. Then they they'd all vote on whether it actually tasted good or not, ie whether that member's successful at this challenge or not. Majority wins as usual.

I haven't tried all the combos, but I probably will try most of them at some point.

Ryo-chan: Pudding (the japanese purin type?) and natto. -- I haven't tried this, but I want to at some point. I'm pretty sure it'll be good because I like natto with honey.

Okura: Japanese curry with mini cream puffs. -- this one looks good to me too. And I don't care if it makes the curry colder or tones down the spicy flavor. :D

Yasu: Gyudon (beef bowl) with fruits punch (ie, those canned fruit things) - I dunno if I can make myself try this. It looks gross >_<

Maru-chan: Vanilla ice cream with Nori tamago furikake (those rice seasoning things, egg and seaweed flavor). I tried this recently and it tastes just like he explained. It's surprisingly really good!

Sadly I don't think any of the other members showcased a choice although I really wish they did though, because I'd love to see what Subaru, Hina and Yoko pick.

The next couple episodes are again trying to guess the names of people. This time around it's veteran comedians. I think this particular type of challenge is getting a little old. ;) I can only watch them be mortified and slapped so many times.

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