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So it looks like they're putting out a dvd on June 15th, from the last show where okura was out due to intestinal blockage. And so I'm so happy to have a dvd! ...but I have mixed feelings about how they're putting out a dvd with footage sans-Okura.

I went ahead and preordered the DVD version already because apparently there's no standard editions. ...which is weird. ...and because I don't have a bluray player so that's never an option for me.

On one hand - I really want to see them struggling and emotional over Okura not being there - I think that will make good footage. But I really feel for Okura fans too. Cause I know I'd be depressed if my fav was like missing from most of a concert dvd. It's going to be tough for them to make a DVD that's going to keep fans happy. They probably already know this though, which is probably why they're only putting out the limited editions. Either cause they figure there will be less folks to buy, or because they want to drum up that feeling of scarcity to get folks to buy.

Other thoughts on semi-recent news - I'm happy for Ryo-chan that he's guesting in the totto terebi drama, but also kind of sad that it's not a full blown main drama role complete with K8 OP/ED.

...and I can't figure out what the yomifa thing is. >_>;; looks like starting in May there's going to be some new column called gokigen kanjani8 talk? is yomifa a newspaper? a magazine?

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