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One of the greatest things about watching variety tv and listening to radio shows that kanjani8, or any johnnys idols are on is that inevitably they recommend stuff that they like. And like the crazy fangirl I am -- I frequently try that stuff out. cause. omg. why wouldn't I? ^^;;

So, I've tried Maru's mapo tofu recipe (which was pretty good, I'd not had the japanese version which uses miso before). And I also recently tried Tanaka Koki's Kaarage (fried chicken bites) recipe which was gleaned from the janiben episode he was on, 2012.02.08. And I'm dying to try Maru's Kasujiru... except that would mean I'd have to go search for the clip of him making it again. And then do some guestimation.

He doesn't give measurements, so I approximate -- and you can change stuff based on taste. Also let me know if I've missed something or if you have any questions. I didn't go back and rewatch, so it's based off of my memory of the episode.

chicken thighs - cut into bite size pieces (I used about 1 lb.)
soy sauce
sweet potato starch (you can substitute with cornstarch which should work pretty similarly)
oil for frying

1. put some paper towels onto the chicken and let it leach out liquid for at least an hour. Then get rid of the liquid and dry off the chicken pieces
2. put the chicken into a plastic ziploc to marinate
3. Add soysauce (I used about 1.5-2 tablespoons),
4. using a microplaner, grate in garlic (I used 1 large clove) and ginger (I used about 1/3 inch piece)
5. crack in an egg and then mix well and let it marinate overnight
6. before cooking, take the chicken out and let it come to room temperature. Right before cooking, coat it with the sweet potato starch
7. when heating up the oil, I basically set the flame to medium and then I try putting my chopstick into the oil -- when I can see the bubbles coming off of the chopstick fairly quickly, then the oil is probably ready.
8. Frying time. This is apparently super important. You know "God Time" ;) Koki says. Fry the chicken initially for 1 minute, then take it out and let it rest for 4 minutes, and then put it back in to fry for 30 seconds.
9. Done! Eat!

Anyhow, Koki's Kaarage actually IS really tasty. it's just like kanjani8 members say - juicy and crispy. I'd make it more if frying wasn't such a pain in the ass, and if it were healthier. ;)

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