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more shiwake thoughts, I finished up to #15 2011.05.25, which was the 2nd half of the Johnny's Ai one.  I'm not at all surprised that Hina passes his.  But who would've thought that Maru would be good at remembering their sempais lyrics too. I love watching him karaoke cause he gets into it. lol.   And I am duly impressed that Subaru passed his too, which I thought was one of the harder songs.  And I can't believe Yasu fails again this time ;__;   And I die laughing at Yoko's reactions how beforehand he says stuff to cushion the blow (just in case he fails) but then right afterwards he totally throws Yasu under the bus. XD;;  Although Ryo-chan does it too, just less so.  XD;

The episode where Hina, Yasu and Ryo go to the amusement park? -- my feelings on it were exactly the same as Okuras, I totally feel bad for the ossans who are responsible for/manage the park.  No one wants to see that!  ._.  ^^;

As for the ones where they have to give the names of the veteran actors?  lol.  This has got to be set up right?  Cause I can't imagine that the sempai actors would stand for it.  Even the guy who supposedly has a short temper, he seemed to take it all in stride when they couldn't remember his name.  ...Actually the guy whose name none of them remembered did seem a little put out, but... maybe it's just good acting?  ...someone said it (I can't remember who) but it's totally true - it's like they're creating enemies when they're still starting off.  XD;;

I love the ones where they try to guess ages - there's another one where you have to guess who's a mom and who's an elementary school student.  I have to say, Maru sucks at this.  XD;;  And then there was one where they had to guess which lady used to be a yankee (ie, delinquent) ... I totally picked the same person as Maru, which btw was wrong.  XD;;

What's funny about these also is that if you get it wrong, you get slapped (or in the case of the elementary school vs mom, you get squirted in the face with a water gun) And they don't look like soft slaps either.  Although I have to say, they had an assistant do the slapping for the veteran actors one -- and it looks like she slaps harder/softer for certain people (!) ....or at least it seemed that way to me.  :P

Next one up is them sharing/trying strange combinations of food that surprisingly go well together.  There was a short preview clip where I think Ryo's recommendation was purin (japanese pudding) and natto.  I'm actually not surprised that this goes together.  I really like natto with honey -- it makes it taste like sweet red beans. <3

... but it also reminds me of an old clip I've seen before with Ryo-chan recommending that you mix sugar and margerine and spread it on bread, toast it, and then spread some more on the toast.  ...which sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.  XO

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