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So, I braved Kinokinuya in hopes of picking up Myojo issues for the Girlfriends articles and thankfully made it out with the November and Decemner 2015 issues.  The last time I went into a brick and mortar japanese bookstore to buy such overtly fannish things was about 10 years ago.  So this was definitely an exercise in overcoming extreme embarassment.  I couldn't find any of the more recent issues so maybe they're out.  Or maybe they're in a different area.  *sigh*

These are filled with huge pinups and glossy photos of groups I'm sadly not interested in.  I wish I knew fans who lived nearby that I could pass them on to.   Anyhow, random thoughts on the November issue -

- there's this ranking smaller pamphlet? thing where as far as I can tell, a bunch of johnnys (and johnny's jrs) ranked other johnnys on a bunch of categories.  I think k8 only makes 3 appearances, none of which are in top 3.  I am super surprised that 2 of those are Maru, and one of the two is for 6th place in the category for person they'd most want as a lover/sweetheart.  The other one is 4th place for being good at taking care of people.  Yoko also takes 7th for someone they'd be happy to have as a big brother
- I think I can now recognize 3 of the Johnny's WEST kids.
- MatsuJun's hairstyle is cute on him, it's that butt part where the bangs in front are a tad longer.
- I can't believe I bought a whole magazine for a two page article >_<;;
- did not know that yamapi had a recent drama called 5 -> 9.   Worth looking into?  It still weirds me out a little that Yamapi's lost his chubby cheeks.  and apparently has muscles now.
- Nakamaru has some really nice photo shots towards the end of the magazine in an article.  The coloring is really nice.  If I was at all a fan, I'd be flailing.

Ok and on to the scattered girl friends thoughts - Girl Friends #43

So as far as I can tell, this issue is all about crying and tears and crying culture?  The picture cracks me up (I know, I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help myself)  ....because I take it that they're supposed to be crying or looking like they're about to cry? or being moody or something least I think Maru's got streaks of "tears" running down the side of his face.  I clearly don't know him as well, but Shige-chan looks like he's on the verge of laughing/smiling. XD;;

- it sounds like Shige-chan cries on a dime and Maru doesn't cry much.  :P
- Maru-chan's fanboying over Shige's short stories is really cute.  ...and makes me want to read them too. and apparently he cried while reading some of them?  It sounds like Shige's works are character-driven. which really is my type of thing.  
- apparently Shige-chan cried over kimi wa iiko ( and Bakemono no ko (  and Maru was just saying he doesn't really cry over anime, but apparently he did over mahou shoujo madoka magica (  ...which I really need to watch at some point.  After all that Maru keeps mentioning it. lol.  That said, I liked Evangelion, but didn't think it was the best thing since sliced bread.  XD;  Shige-chan actually recommends a bunch of stuff which he apparently cried watching.  :3 Hilariously, Maru thinks that since Shige cries easily over stuff, he might not necessarily cry over the stuff Shige-chan's recommending.  Seriously though, just watching the trailer for Kimi wa Iiko - I can tell I'd cry buckets too.  Anyways, here's some more titles which made Shige-chan cry:  Mad Max Fury Road (this is sad? I haven't watched but from what little of it I've been exposed doesn't seem sad?)  Summer Woes? Wars?  and Toki wo kakeru shoujo

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