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Alright, the flailing needs an outlet. And because I'm a dinosaur, and I can't figure out where the actual flailing fans are, at least who are flailing with words instead of pictures. So, here I am again. >_>;;

I'm watching the 47con making, and they're so adorably young! I just want to pinch their cheeks! There's a section where Maru and Hina are like singing, then stop, then singing then stop (and Yasu joins in temporarily) that is just the cutest thing! I love how they've grown up and matured, but I also like watching them when they were stupid, desperate, and young. XD;

And randomly, Hina looks good with a tie. well, not randomly. I'm at the part where they're in Okinawa at the beach. Trying to make Hina (who is afraid of all bugs) hold a hermit crab.

OMG. @ yoko feeding random fan a spoonful of Subaru's birthday cake. OMG.

And Yasuba fans must have died happy at the adorable kiss bit right as they were heading to the vans at the end. ...and LOL Maru got cut XD;;

Watching the concert now.

Zukkoke Otoko Michi - LOL @ Yoko forgetting to do his turn at changing the lyrics up with his name. And holy crap Ryo-chan lying on the floor doing nothing but singing normally is somehow way sexier than anything I've seen in a long time.

I like watching them switch off trying to get the audience excited at the beginning, right after Sukiyanen Osaka. Aww. Maru's little laugh after he gets the audience to go "Pang" is so cute! *wibbles*

more later. and yes. there will be more. Muahahaha

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