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It's been a really long time since I looked at this thing, and at the beginning of the evening I was all gung ho to post about the various tv shows I've been marathoning lately.  But instead I spent the last few hours:

(1) trying to figure out what my password was supposed to be. 
(2) trying to figure out what email address was associated with this thing
(3) thinking that it was the email address attached to my now-defunct website/domain and trying to figure out from lj whether there was anything I could do about this
(4) trying to get a dreamwidth account (which was eventually successful thanks to helpful people with codes)
(5) then skulking around trying to find interesting folks to stalk based on the people I used to stalk on lj (... it's surprisingly easy to find some people despite name changes, but v.v. hard to find others)
(6) before deciding that it's just hard to find people interested in the same fandoms that you are, on dreamwidth
(7) and heading back to lj to fiddle around more with passwords and various email account
(8) and finally getting that password back (yay rejoice?)

As a side note, it's very cool to see that some fannish people that I used to stalk continue to have good taste even if many people have disappeared or stopped being as fannish.

Let's start with Veronica Mars which was the latest series I just finished.  I am beyond sadness that this series got cancelled, and also that I didn't watch it in time to help boost ratings.  Season 1 was definitely the best season - the pacing was great and longer-arc mystery (of who killed lilly kane) was a lot more compelling than the ones in seasons 2 and 3.  Season 2 and 3 weren't bad either, but weren't nearly as tight as 1.  I really like the main character veronica - she's strong, smart, and snarky.  And I really like where they seemed to be going with veronica's character finding the lines between right and wrong blurring more.  She's unable to overcome her inability to trust people or forgive them which leads to her need for revenge, and this just causes her actions to fall more and more into the grey zone as she convinces herself that "the end justifies the means". 

And her relationship with Logan is also the best thing since sliced bread.  Logan has just shot to the top of my list of favorite charaters EVAR!!1 I have so much love for him and this relationship <3  Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell are such an excellent actors.  You know, when I started watching this series, objectively I though kristen bell was really cute, but that all the guys in the show were kinda meh looks-wise.  But partway through the first season I started thinking Logan was hot, and you know they're doing something right when that happens.

I love how Jason plays Logan - he's able to do pyschotic jackass, snarky punk, and vulnerable puppy - and not just in succession, but all at the same time too.  :D~  I love the snarkiness between them, and I really like how they reallly get each other, and how they can bring out the best in each other, and also the worst in each other.  Like how when they're together sometimes they smooth out each others rough edges - like how Veronica seems less angry when they're dating for the first time and how Logan seems less self-destructive, and how both have seen the other at their weakest moments.  Because for both characters, showing weakness is something hard to do.  And I love how their flaws sometimes combine to make things exponentially worse - Logan's explosive tempers and bouts of violence get worse when Veronica is threatened and her need for revenge just eggs him on.  They both buy into the eye for an eye motto.  I just... SO. MUCH. LOVE!  plus, gah their scenes together are just hot!  XD~~~

And I actually really like their last scene together - where it's like they both understand that madness - what makes Logan beat the crap out of that guy who posted the video of veronica and how underneath veronica takes joy in the punishment and is happy that Logan does.  even if it's not the "right" response.   That's something that vanilla Piz isn't ever going to understand - and so there's a part of veronica that he's never going to understand.  And I'm pretty sure he knows it (and yeah I feel a little sorry for him cause he is a nice guy, but..)

Other things that are great are the relationship between Keith and Veronica - I love their father/daughter relationship! (which is kind of a first for me), also Weevil is awesome - how can you not like weevil! <3 and Mac <3   I also really like the way they structured the show - where there are short mysteries per episode and longer season-length or half-season length mystery arcs.  In addition to character relationships/development, etc.

I'd heard about this series back when it was still airing, but I dunno, I kinda grouped it into a teeny-bopperish show which I wasn't in the mood for x__X.  Now I'm just kicking myself for not watching it then - to not only boost ratings, but also cause fandoms for shows which have been cancelled 3 years ago tend not to be as active as you'd hope - especially not in the way I'm interested in.  I'm still undecided as to whether I want to venture into fic, but I'm dying to discuss people's take on things x__X  ...which is kinda hard to do if most people finished watching it 3 years ago.  *sob*  

Alright more later on other tv shows I've been marathoning, like Skins, Bones, House.  I just started watching the first few episodes of Dead like me, Torchwood, Dexter, Freaks and Geeks, and I'm thinking about trying Jericho..  Haven't decided which ones are most gripping or what I'm in the mood for yet.

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