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Just logging thoughts for prosperity. As usual, feel free to skip.

I have been less than social online (and in real life too) I find that startups really are the lifedraining blackholes that people say they are. There are perks to it, but I think to do this kind of thing for the rest of your life would take a much more dedicated and high-energy person than me. [Insert overused explanations about having a passion for or loving what you do] I could talk more about this, but it's depressing and I'd probably regret airing it out online later, so on to happier topics. Like video games, books, JE <3 <3 <3 x_X

So to combat the stress (or rather, add to it when I get no sleep), I've started playing video games again. Actually, I think the renewal of interest has something to do with the new gaming consoles that have come out recently. ...I'm resisting the urge to rush out and buy a horrifically overpriced time-sucking machine by going back to play all those backlogged games from when I stopped buying games and keeping up with what was coming out. It's the hype, I know since it's been about a year or so, perhaps more, since I've played anything. I don't have any desire whatsoever to get the PS3, since I'm not obsessed enough to plop down $600 for a gaming console, especially since I get the impression that most games I'd be buying for it would be of the "hooked to your console for weeks at a time" variety. Which are wonderful ...if I had the time for it. Plus I already have the backlog for the PS2 to finish x_X Also, I'd rather get the Wii and try out that new remote-control thingy :P Nintendo wins with the cute. It's sad that games for it are going to be region locked, but what can you do. I guess just more incentive to wait and see if anyone comes up with a hack for that.

Anyways, going back to the games I've been playing - I finished off Dual Hearts, which was a fun, quick, and relatively brainless platform adventure/puzzle type game. Fortunately this was exactly the kind of thing I needed at the time. (and it helps that you can save whenever you please). The characters were kinda blah, the supposedly touching story wasn't all that touching, and the puzzles and game play were verging on too easy, but I really enjoyed playing it anyhow. ^^; (...maybe my brain's starting to die/rot and using my brain!=fun anymore)

So after that I started playing Xenosaga Episode I. I can't believe that Episode III only came out fairly recently. ... I would've thought they'd be finished by now. I mean, a port of the first two eps is already out on the DS. Waiting for them to come out must have been a pain for people following it. Anyhow, the game's pretty fun so far. There really are a lot of cut scenes, but I don't mind them. It's sort of like an animated movie that you can run around in and fight battles. And save spots, while not plentiful, aren't nearly as hard to find as I thought they would be after hearing folks complain about it (oh so long ago when I first bought this game). I find myself rarely using the AGWS that I have, it seems easier to just use the characters themselves. I'm not sure if this is going to affect anything, but I don't think they need to be used to develop in any way, it seems enough to just to spend more money to upgrade them. Well, if not I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I've always been undecided on whether random encounters are better or if being able to see and avoid the enemy is better. I do like the field statuses that you can get if you make the enemies walk into an electrical field or fire though. As far as developing your characters though, it's annoying that you have no idea what kind of tech skills or ether skills they are going to be able to develop. I want to be able to not only use people for their types of attacks/skills, but also use them based on whose upcoming tech skills or ether skills are something my group needs. Those are just minor grumblings though.

Anyhow, I'm wandering around in the cathedral ship gnosis-thing at the moment - not sure how far in the game that is, although if I had to guess, I'd say somewhere towards the beginning. Story-wise it's not too bad so far, with this kind of thing though, it's not until they start explaining that you can tell whether it really has a good plot or not. (I mean, look at all the FF7, 8, and 9, it's like the story seems promising, events/characters are interesting, and then you hit about 90% of the way into it and everything derails. Suddenly, plot events/new characters come out of nowhere and hello!deux ex machina and just plain randomness! It's like they feel the need to outdo themselves with big surprise endings that just get more and more unbelievable.)

Characters, so far, are all likeable in a stereotype-y kind of way. I've just met my stereotype/kinkJr. ..he has potential. XP~ Shion is an interesting blend of the bookish and absentminded/clueless female character. (I'm actually a bit surprised that they have a character like this as the leading character. Although I guess really, KOSMOS should be considered the main character) KOSMOS is your typical unemotional female mech type who is probably the mysterious key to something or other or has some hidden other self with a personality. :P Allen amuses me. Momo is that shota-loli character which I personally find adorable, but no doubt annoys the hell out of some people. Chaos cracks me up. wft is up with his outfit and that bulge in his shorts. x_X He doesn't really appeal to me though, just somehow the idea of him is funny. I dunno if I'm way off base, but I imagine he might appeal to people who like slash/BL. The commander (whose name I've completely forgotten), is getting more interesting since they're focusing on his backstory. I guess he doesn't really fit any stereotypes yet (unless they decide to make him the big bad or something). Ziggy just leaves me uninterested.

totally unrelated, but I wish there were a way to do tags using drivel.
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