Apr. 8th, 2016

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I could tell I was going to like this right away, but it's really steadily gotten better as we've gotten further in the story. I was a little worried about how Tatsuya was portrayed in the early episodes because I had a hard time understanding where Oguri Shun was going with his character, but everything sort of fell in place as the show continued.

I really really like the relationships between all the characters in this. Especially Ikuo and Tatsuya's. But also Ikuo and Hibino, and Tatsuya and Hibino, and Ikuo and his ex-superior. And Tatsuya and Chouno.. etc,etc. Even Tatsuya and his Ane-san.

But OMG. I die of sadness at the end of ep 9. oh the feels. >_< Words don't suffice. Here are some caps. Of brokenhearted Ikuo/toma.

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One of the greatest things about watching variety tv and listening to radio shows that kanjani8, or any johnnys idols are on is that inevitably they recommend stuff that they like. And like the crazy fangirl I am -- I frequently try that stuff out. cause. omg. why wouldn't I? ^^;;

So, I've tried Maru's mapo tofu recipe (which was pretty good, I'd not had the japanese version which uses miso before). And I also recently tried Tanaka Koki's Kaarage (fried chicken bites) recipe which was gleaned from the janiben episode he was on, 2012.02.08. And I'm dying to try Maru's Kasujiru... except that would mean I'd have to go search for the clip of him making it again. And then do some guestimation.

Koki's Kaarage Recipe )

Anyhow, Koki's Kaarage actually IS really tasty. it's just like kanjani8 members say - juicy and crispy. I'd make it more if frying wasn't such a pain in the ass, and if it were healthier. ;)

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