Apr. 5th, 2016

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So, I've been watching Kanjani no shiwake eight and the early episodes are really good!  I'm not sure why it eventually got cancelled, especially right after they made it to golden hour.  But then again a lot can change in 4 years, so.  So far I've only seen the first few eps - so the Johnny's Ai one where they have to sing a randomly chosen shounentai song without making lyrics mistakes for the portions of the lyrics which are missing.  And the one they test who has good motor skills (ie, good at physical exercise, etc) by having them get on a high bar and do backwards rotations, etc.

What's best about these things is seeing their reactions and them interacting with each other and trying new things.  As a fan - honestly that's what I want to see most - it's also why I like Janiben so much.

I honestly felt bad for Yasu when he failed his singing thing.  He looked so sad/upset ;___;  Although turns out most of them failed XD;  And I loved Maru's happy performance - and the members' commentary (which they so helpfully subtitled next to the wipe!)
And I love hearing them sing karaoke-style though.  It's part of the reason I want to watch shiwake.  to hear their non-processed voices! Cause this is the show where they do the karaoke stuff right right?  <3

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